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Pet Services

At South Lakes Veterinary Centre we care and advise on all aspects of your pet's health and wellbeing from vaccination, nutrition, neutering, treatment of parasites, prevention of diseases and behavioural needs.

We promote Eight Steps to a Healthy Pet:

Health-checks and Vaccinations.

Vaccinations are essential to prevent life-threatening diseases. At the time of vaccination we will also give your pet's a thorough medical examination to make sure they are fit and healthy.

Flea and Worming Control.

We recommend using an effective Flea and Worming treatment like Stronghold every month until 6 months of age, which will treat both fleas and worms in one simple application. Regular use of worming medications will keep your pets free from infestation and prevent contamination of the environment which can cause infection in people. Prevention is always easier than cure in the case of fleas! One flea can lay 300 eggs which can hatch out in just three weeks. From 6 months of age we will tailor an adult treatment plan suited to your pet's lifestyle. Our nurses will advise on the most suitable treatment for your pet

Pet Insurance.

The cost of medical treatment can be high if your pet becomes ill or injured in an accident. Pet insurance is a convenient and cost-effective way of avoiding large bills for treatment. Your pet may be eligible for four weeks free insurance - please ask the vet at one of your pet's vaccination appointments.

Practice Health Plan

Please ask our nurses about this fantastic way to budget and save money on routine veterinary treatment including vaccination, worming, flea treatments and annual check ups as well as a 10% discount on neutering.


We would strongly advise routine neutering when your pet is 6 months old, unless you are planning to breed from your pet. Neutering has many beneficial effects. In bitches it prevents diseases of the womb, pregnancy and reduces the risk of mammary tumours. In outdoor female cats it will prevent the certainty of pregnancy. In dogs it will reduce aggression, reduce undesirable behaviour and also prevent testicular cancer and prostate problems.


As the saying goes, “you are what you eat,” this is the same for dogs and cats. We recommend feeding a good quality food for both dogs and cats, such as Hills science diet. Ask at our reception for details.


Dogs and cats will occasionally run away or get lost. A collar and a name tag is the first defence against loss, but collars can be slipped or maliciously removed. Micro-chipping is an easy and cost effective way of giving your pet a permanent identity tag and can be easily done in a consultation or at neutering.

Teeth Cleaning

70% of the cats and dogs we see have teeth that are at least in need of de-scaling and polishing. Dental disease is the most important single condition that we see in practice, and causes more suffering to pets than any other. Don't let your pets teeth get rotten - clean them daily, or use a tartar control diet (Hills T/D) to do it for you.

Our Vets and Nurses are happy to discuss any of your pet’s needs, just ask at our Reception Desk or call us on 01229 582900.